Ti-TMDXIDK5728 AM572x Industrial Development Kit (IDK) Board

------Supported by "LINK-PP" Magnetic Rj45 PN#LPJ16183A28NL & LPJG16314A4NL
The AM572x IDK is a standalone test, development, and evaluation module that enables developers to
write software and develop hardware for industrial control and industrial communications applications. It
has been equipped with a TI AM5728 processor and a defined set of features to allow you to experience
industrial communication solutions using various serial or Ethernet based interfaces. Using standard
interfaces, the AM572x IDK may interface to other processors or systems and act as a communication
gateway or controller. In addition, it can directly operate as a standard remote I/O system or a sensor
connected to an industrial communication network.
The AM572x IDK contains embedded emulation circuitry to quickly enable developers to begin using this
IDK. The embedded emulation logic allows emulation and debug using standard development tools such
as the Texas Instruments Code Composer Studio™ integrated development environment (IDE) by simply
connecting a USB cable to a Windows®-based computer.
The standard configuration for the AM572x IDK EVM provides the following Ethernet connectivity:
● Two Gigabit (1000Mb) metallic ports connected via PHY/RGMII to the on-chip Ethernet switch
● Two 100Mb metallic ports connected via PHY/MII to the PRU-ICSS subsystems
Reconfiguration through resistor removal and installation can provide an alternate Ethernet connectivity:
● Four 100Mb metallic ports connected via PHY/MII to the PRU-ICSS subsystems
Software support for the AM572x IDK EVM is provided within the Processor Software Development Kit
(SDK) package. This includes both Linux and RTOS support.
● 4 Ethernet ports with concurrent operation including 2 from PRU-ICSS
● 2GB DDR3
● Profibus connection, EtherCAT and RS485 Headers
● On-board eMMC
● Mini PCIe, USB3, and HDMI connectors
● Ethernet I/O
● 4x10/100 Ethernet Rj45, LPJ16183A28NL "LINK-PP"
● 2x10/100/1000 Ethernet Rj45, LPJG16314A4NL "LINK-PP"
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